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By Staff
October 21, 2014
John Oliver Calls for Extension of SIV Program
  [caption id="attachment_2241" align="alignnone" width="475"] John Oliver recognizes IRAP's work on HBO's Last Week Tonight.[/caption] Sunday‚Äôs episode of Last Week Tonight f [...]
By Staff
October 18, 2014
NPR: “My American soldier became my Iraqi brother”
Sergeant Paul Braun was serving near Basra, Iraq when he met Philip, an Iraqi interpreter. Paul and Philip grew extremely close over the ensuing months, and Paul eventually sponsor [...]
By Staff
October 16, 2014
Roll Call: Congress Must Step Up to Ensure Success of SIV Program
An op-ed piece published in Roll Call urges Congress to allocate more visas to Iraqis and Afghans under the Special Immigrant Visa program. Congress has demonstrated that the issue [...]

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The Ibrahims

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