IRAP organizes law students and lawyers to develop and enforce a system of legal and human rights for refugees through a combination of direct legal aid and broad policy advocacy. We have helped over 2,000 refugees from seven Middle Eastern and North African countries find safe, new lives in the West.

The Ibrahims left their home to save their children. Their son Ibrahim was shopping with his mother in an open market when a terrorist car bomb exploded. The explosive shock wave struck him in the head, blinding him [...]

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Founded by five students at Yale Law School in 2008, IRAP now works with 1,000 law students – from 25 law school chapters – and attorneys – from 50+ major firms and corporations.

Law students and attorneys work together to form legal teams that work on urgent refugee resettlement cases on a completely pro bono basis.

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Living without hope for the future, refugees are susceptible to poverty, disease, despair and recruitment by extremists. Living in limbo, they can become swept up in new conflicts, like Iraqi and Afghan refugees who fled to Syria and are now unable to leave.

These two Iraqi shoeshine boys in Damascus are part of a lost generation of Iraqi youth, forced from their homes by violence, denied access to education and supporting themselves any way they can. [...]

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War's stranded families are forced to find homes in the few countries that will accept them. But the resettlement process is difficult to navigate and too slow. For many, the wait time is a matter of life and death.

Mohammed’s Story: Doctors in Jordan who evaluated Mohammed told his parents that the boy’s condition would kill him before his next birthday unless it was treated quickly. Worse, the necessary surgery was unavailable in Jordan. Treatment in the United States was Mohammed’s only chance for survival. [...]

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With your donations and volunteer work, IRAP helps refugees find safe passage to places where they are free from violence and persecution. IRAP provides the knowledge and support needed for refugees to resettle and rebuild their lives.

IRAP works directly with the agencies that process resettlement requests to make the procedure more transparent and efficient. IRAP also provides support to Iraqis in the US through its Refugee Roadmap program. [...]

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The Latest News, Resources & Inspiration
By Staff
September 4, 2014
IRAP is Hiring an Operations and Communications Associate!
IRAP is now hiring an Operations and Communications Associate. If you're interested, please see below for full details.   OPERATIONS & COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATE, JOB DESCRI [...]
By Staff
August 22, 2014
IRAP Client to Arrive in the U.S. After Two Year Wait
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article earlier today that detailed the more than two-year journey of an Iraqi man who was finally granted a Special Immigrant Visa af [...]
By Staff
August 7, 2014
New York Times: U.S. Bombs Militants in Iraq
A New York Times Report published earlier today confirmed that the United States has launched airstrikes on at least two cities in Kurdish territory, where ISIS has cornered tens o [...]

Ibrahim Family

The Ibrahims

A mother with a disabled son and a daughter with kidney disease talks about trying to find treatment for her children in the middle of a war zone. View more video documentaries >>