Central American Minors (CAM): Restarting Program for Certain Applicants

VICTORY: As a result of this case, the government has agreed to re-open CAM processing for applicants who were conditionally approved for parole before August 16, 2017.

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This case challenges the Trump Administration’s unprecedented and sudden termination of the Central American Minors Parole program–a program that allowed Central American children to escape danger in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala and legally reunite with their parents already in the United States.  

Plaintiffs in the case include:

  • M.C., who was forced to drop out of high school to avoid being attacked by a gang member who demanded to “date” her;
  • J.C., who was beaten so badly by gang members that he needed emergency surgery to save his life;
  • Parents who have been lawfully living in the United States for many years and supporting their families by working in schools, restaurants, and the agricultural sector; and
  • CASA, a community organization that helped hundreds of Central American families apply for the CAM program.


The CAM program allowed children in danger in Central America to reunite with their parents who were lawfully in the United States. The program began in 2014 in response to increasing numbers of Central American children making the long, dangerous land journey to the U.S. border. The government processed CAM applicants in their home countries, and children and family members who were approved traveled by plane to the United States. CAM applicants could be resettled as refugees or granted temporary humanitarian parole into the United States, and by the end of 2016, approximately 3,000 people had traveled to the United States through CAM.

In August 2017, the Trump Administration shut down the parole portion of the CAM program–even for 2,714 children and family members who had already been conditionally approved by the government and were in final stages of processing (some had already bought plane tickets).

Case History:

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If you think you qualify for CAM processing, we want to hear from you! Please email info@menoresCAM.com or call (917) 410-7546.

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