A teenage boy and a young man with deep black skin and closely cropped black hair (brothers who have just been reunited after years separated by harsh immigration policies) stand with a white woman with wavy, shoulder-length brown hair in an airport arrivals corridor. The woman is holding a hand-written poster that says "Welcome" with an American flag. The young man and the woman have big smiles on their faces, and the teenage boy has a stoic look on his face. The teenage boy is wearing a black zip-up FILA hoodie, the young man wears a plum colored button-down shirt, and the woman wears a white blouse with teal and gray swirly patterns on it.


Support the International Refugee Assistance Project! Your support enables our growing network of advocates to continue defending the legal and human rights of refugees and displaced people around the world. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to assist those who seek safety and security.

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To make a donation by check, mail to:
International Refugee Assistance Project
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Please contact Kelly Gramp, IRAP’s Director of Development, at kgramp@refugeerights.org.

Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Please check with your company to see if it offers a matching gift program that will match your gift to the International Refugee Assistance Project.

The International Refugee Assistance Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If your employer requires an Employer Identification Number (EIN) (i.e. Federal Tax Identification Number), please use 82-2167556.

You may mail your completed matching gift form to:

International Refugee Assistance Project
P.O. Box 21917
New York, NY 10087-1917

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Whether you want to host a backyard BBQ, collect donations for every mile you run, ask for support from friends and family on social media for your birthday, or plan a cocktail party, it’s now easier than ever to set a fundraiser up and get going! By using our peer-to-peer platform, you can simply dream up your idea, organize your page, share it on social media, and start asking for donations!

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