The Muslim Ban(s) – An Explainer

Donald Trump signed his Muslim ban Executive Order on January 27, 2017, and it was struck down by the courts almost immediately. Since then, the Muslim ban has gone through various iterations, with different travel restrictions targeting certain nationalities and refugees.

To break down the different versions of the Muslim ban, and how they were challenged in the courts, IRAP has put together a handy overview that will be updated frequently to show the current status of each Executive Order.

The overview also illustrates how the majority of all impacted travelers and refugees have one thing in common: they are nationals of countries with a predominantly Muslim population. The Muslim ban continues to discriminate, but the lawsuits and court decisions speak for themselves: the ban is unconstitutional and must be rescinded for good.

Click on the image below to access a PDF version:

Evolution of the Muslim Ban – an Explainer (PDF)

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