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IRAP has a formidable track record of successful advocacy at the systemic level: our policy advocacy has helped enact into law federal legislation offering life-saving visas and legal protections to over 160,000 displaced people.

Our unique model utilizes lessons learned in individual casework to advocate for systemic changes that benefit broader refugee populations.

IRAP builds non-traditional, non-partisan coalitions including veterans, religious groups, and corporate attorneys, to advocate for the rights of refugees and displaced persons. We also play a major role in including refugees in U.S. immigration legislation, advocating for procedural protections for refugees, implementing trauma-sensitive policies for LGBTI individuals and refugees who are survivors of torture, and extending protections for Iraqi and Afghan wartime allies of the U.S. Government.

Read our “Recommendations for the President to Restore and Improve Protection for Refugees and Displaced People,” published September 1, 2019.

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