Members of IRAP and UNHCR staff meet with unaccompanied refugee children in a classroom in a northern Ethiopian refugee camp. The children sit in rows of chairs facing the staff. Several of them have their hands raised.

Our Strategic Plan

At a time when more people are experiencing displacement than ever before, and human rights are under attack around the world, IRAP maximizes our impact by making legal aid and information more accessible and effecting systemic change driven by the experiences of our clients and the communities to which they belong.

Our mission and vision are bold, as are our plans to scale up the reach of our services. This Strategic Plan provides a blueprint for IRAP to grow sustainably and maximize our impact over the next five years, 2023-2028.

IRAP commits to:
1. Strengthen and grow IRAP’s immigration-related legal services and advocacy to open new pathways to safety, protect and improve existing pathways to safety, and secure pathways to safety for particularly marginalized displaced people.
2. Build organizational sustainability and health in support of our mission and desired impact. Our staff’s wellbeing is essential to achieving immediate and long-term progress alongside displaced people. We are investing in systems and policies to ensure that all members of the IRAP team are supported by a work community that is connected, equitable, transparent, well-resourced, and sustainable.
3. Ensure Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) informs all aspects of our organization’s internal and external work. Human rights and global justice are the bedrock of our mission and vision, and we will resolutely challenge racism, colorism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, neocolonialism, and all forms of oppression in our work. Our commitment to DEIA both stands as its own strategic priority and shapes all other internal and external priorities, goals, and strategies.
For each priority, we have established:
Overall Vision for the Priority: This is a general long-term aspiration for what IRAP is striving for in each priority area.
Goals: What IRAP seeks to accomplish.
Success Indicators: This is the evidence that will show that IRAP has been successful in reaching its goals in each area. They are generally short to medium-term indicators.
Strategies: How IRAP will accomplish its goals in this area.

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