Two young women look into the camera. The woman on the left has shoulder length wavy brown hair and light brown skin. The woman on the right has pale skin and long brown hair that curls slightly at the bottom. She wears glasses. Both women are seated on a maroon colored couch.

Alumni Association

Alumni of IRAP’s law school chapters are making significant contributions in their professions and local and international communities.

We are thrilled to stay in touch with our growing network through IRAP’s Alumni Association. Through the Alumni Association, we seek to:

  • Engage alumni in our ongoing work;
  • Provide a forum that connects alumni for professional and volunteer purposes;
  • Promote, influence, and support the work and mission of IRAP;
  • Provide an outlet for staying involved with IRAP’s activities and events; and
  • Strengthen ties within the broader IRAP community by providing alumni with the means to serve as ambassadors in their communities, with their former law schools, and with their current employers.

We also curate an “Alumni Spotlight” feature, profiling alumni who have become strong advocates and leaders in their fields of practice.

If you are a former IRAP student chapter member and would like to join our Alumni Association, we invite you to complete the form below, and request to join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.