This is a resource page for Iraqi nationals facing removal, their families, and attorneys who want to be part of the national effort to help them.

As part of the negotiations leading to Iraq’s omission from the Trump administration’s second travel ban Executive Order, Iraq agreed to repatriation of a large number of Iraqi nationals from the United States. At least two hundred people in this situation have already been arrested by ICE, beginning June 11. There are at least another 1,200 more who have not yet been arrested but have final orders of removal.

It is imperative that all Iraqi nationals with final orders of removal receive representation in immigration court and get individualized advice about their eligibility for immigration relief, based on current law and country conditions.

In a federal case in Detroit, Hamama v. Adducci, 2:17-cv-11910 (E.D. Mich.), on Monday June 26, Judge Mark Goldsmith granted a 14-day stay of removal while he considers his jurisdiction (14 days from June 26 is July 10). Even if Judge Goldsmith finds that he has jurisdiction, this case will not substitute for individual immigration relief—it will only provide more time during which people can seek relief.

This page is part of an effort to provide resources and help coordinate; we’ll try to match up lawyers and the people facing removal.

  • For Iraqi nationals facing removal, and their families, please fill out this form. Please also spread the word and send more people to this page.
  • For attorneys willing to help resist removal efforts, please fill out this form. If you’re already working on some of these cases, fill out the form and explain that, too; we’ll make sure to keep you updated on developments. And spread the word and send others to this page.
  • Below is an embedded document with information for immigration counsel regarding Iraqi deportations; here is a link for a full-screen version.

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