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Action Alert: Time Is Running Out – Help us Bring Afghans to Safety

As President Biden’s planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan quickly approaches its end, time is running out to bring vulnerable Afghans to safety in the U.S.

Many U.S. affiliated Afghans and their families are at risk of being attacked by the Taliban and other militias. We are grateful that this month, a family of IRAP clients made it to safety in Texas. Tragically, they arrived without their husband and father, Mohammad, who was murdered while waiting for 10 years for their visas to be approved. The SIV process is simply too slow to protect those in need. 

Mother and child holding hands and walking through an airport.
Mohammad’s family arriving in the United States. (Photo: Alan Nguyen with Combined Arms)

Though the White House appears to be working on a plan to move some Afghan allies to a third country while they wait for visas, we must continue to advocate for all vulnerable Afghans and their families to have an immediate pathway to safety. We are counting on you to help spark the Biden Administration and lawmakers into action.

The time to evacuate is now.