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Adam v. Pompeo: Challenging the delays in adjudicating I-730/Follow-To-Join Petitions for Family Reunification

In enacting the Refugee Act of 1980, Congress created a special pathway for refugee families separated during the difficult and often chaotic journey to safety. Through the so-called “follow-to-join” process, refugees already resettled in the United States can petition to have spouses and children reunited with them in safety. Notwithstanding Congress’ intent that these families be reunited as quickly as possible, the average processing time for follow-to-join petitions has more than quadrupled under the Trump Administration.

On October 22, 2020, IRAP filed a lawsuit in partnership with two Darfuri refugees resettled in the Baltimore area who have been waiting for a decision on their petitions for their spouses and children to join them in the United States for more than a decade, collectively. Almost a year later, the lawsuit was successful in finally reuniting these two families.

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