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Amnesty Campaign Petitions for IRAP Client to Resettle to U.S.

Sam*, an Iraqi refugee and IRAP client, has been waiting to be resettled to the U.S. for over three years. However, when the refugee ban went into effect last October, his hopes to reach safety were shattered and put his upcoming plans to travel in jeopardy.

As a former interpreter for U.S. forces, Sam* fled Iraq in 2014 after his and his family’s lives were threatened as a result of his service assisting the U.S. After arriving in Egypt, Sam* applied for resettlement to the United States through the Direct Access Program for U.S. affiliated Iraqis. Unfortunately, his case has been left in jeopardy due to the Administration’s Muslim bans and the delays caused by new security procedures for refugees.

Today, Sam* remains in limbo in Egypt, without the ability to legally find work and without his family. He’s afraid that any longer delay could be a possible death sentence, as he could be deported back to Iraq.

Please join us and Amnesty International USA to tell the Trump administration to #LetSamIn!

  • SIGN Amnesty’s petition to urge the U.S. Government to not turn their backs on U.S. allies like Sam!
  • CALL your Members of Congress in support of Sam’s case!
  • SHARE the hashtag #LetSamIn on Twitter and Facebook!