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Can’t Stay Put, Can’t Go Home… Can’t Move On?

Rev. Robert Chase, in an op-ed for Newsday, calls on Americans to remember, even as we rejoice in scenes of returning soldiers, the four million displaced Iraqis left behind.

Chase issues “a challenge to all Americans to advocate for a humane and realistic resettlement policy that acknowledges what exists and seeks to do something about it… A basic sense of justice calls us to convince our legislators and the Obama administration to increase humanitarian aid to organizations assisting Iraqi refugees, expedite visa requests, ease restrictions for entry into this country and better equip our allies to secure permanent settlement for displaced Iraqis.”

They can’t stay put in neighboring countries ill-equipped to welcome an influx of refugees; they can’t go home to threats (awaiting many, especially those who supported coalition forces) and to neighborhoods overrun by sectarian strife (awaiting even more). And “the lack of political will– here and elsewhere– also means they can’t move on.”

Rev. Chase challenges us to alter that political will. Read the full piece here.