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Financial Times: IRAP Urges US Government to Resume Refugee Processing of our Allies in Iraq

The Financial Times published a story earlier today detailing the current situation of Iraqi applicants for resettlement to the United States, given the ongoing sectarian violence in the Middle Eastern nation. The article discusses the long wait times to receive Special Immigrant Visas and other types of legal permanent status in the United States, and questions the government’s stoppage of application processing due to the conflict.

Becca Heller, IRAP’s Director, was quoted in the article and referenced the preexisting danger facing applicants for American resettlement. Since the US evacuated its non-essential embassy personnel, applicants have been left in “limbo,” waiting for decisions on their status to arrive while the Iraqi Army and ISIS militants fight nearby. IRAP strongly encourages the State Department to reopen application processing to rescue our Iraqi allies from harm’s way.

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