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House Appropriations Bill Allocates $3 billion in Aid for Refugees

Republicans in the House Appropriations Committee outlined their $48.3 billion spending package last night, proposing the allocation of $3 billion to assist refugees, with reference to the crises in Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and the Central African Republic. Democrats in the Senate are expected to provide the same figures later today, when they introduce their version of the appropriations bill.

These numbers stand in contrast to those proposed by President Barack Obama in March as part of his 2015 budget. Obama called for only $2 billion in refugee aid, an estimation that seems to sell the needs of the international refugee community dangerously short. Granted, Obama’s proposal came before the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria had captured Mosul, Iraq, but it is certainly good to see that Congress cares strongly for the millions of refugees and internally displaced persons in the Middle East, Africa, and around the globe.

The United Nations, along with nations that have served as hosts for persons fleeing conflict areas, will certainly be pleased by this development. Though there is no way to completely resolve the current refugee crises with one bill, the money that will be promised by Congress is sure to help out millions of people in need.

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