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IRAP and the American Bar Association Take A Stand on Access to Counsel

IRAP is thrilled to announce an important step in its policy reform efforts to ensure access to counsel for refugees overseas. This week, the American Bar Association (ABA), with IRAP’s support, directly engaged the Department of Homeland Security on its policy of banning attorneys from refugee interviews.

The ABA’s letter to the Department of Homeland Security makes a strong case for the need for access to counsel: “The ABA believes that a change in the current practice – to permit representation to refugees overseas, at no expense to the government – would improve the fairness of the process for refugee applicants, is required under the applicable federal regulations, and would better advance the objectives of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP).”

Read the full letter on the American Bar Association’s website to learn more about this critical policy issue. IRAP is continuing to work with the ABA to create a policy platform for access to counsel for refugees seeking admission to the United States. Watch this space for further developments!