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IRAP Client Helps Make History at First Ever UN Security Council Meeting on LGBTI Rights

This morning, an IRAP client helped make history by courageously addressing the United Nations Security Council on the experience of LGBTI individuals facing the Islamic State (ISIS). His remarks – describing his flight from northern Iraq to escape attacks and death threats he suffered for being gay – formed part of the first ever UN Security Council meeting on LGBTI rights.

Ambassador Samantha Power commended IRAP as “an extraordinary organization” in her opening remarks. She offered a powerful commentary to mark this historic event: “[I]t is impossible not to take up the struggle for their rights as our own, as we have other great human rights struggles over the last seven decades. Today, we take a small but important step in assuming that work. It must not be our last step.”

You can read Ambassador Power’s own account of the meeting here. Please share the news of this momentous event widely with your networks!