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IRAP Extremely Concerned about Forced Mass Displacement of Palestinians in Gaza

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                     

October 13, 2023



1.1 Million Palestinians in Northern Gaza Have No Safe Place to Go or Safe Way to Get There

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) condemns last night’s order from the Israeli government for 1.1 million Palestinians to evacuate Northern Gaza within 24 hours. The majority of Gaza’s residents are refugees, nearly half children, who have no safe place to go or a safe way to get there. 

The United Nations reports that 423,000 Palestinians have already been internally displaced within Gaza, and “considers it impossible for such a movement to take place without devastating humanitarian consequences.” There are very few pathways to safety for Palestinian refugees and this evacuation order will only result in further mass displacement and human tragedy. IRAP echoes the UN’s demand to rescind the evacuation order and calls on the international community to come together to uphold international law and ensure the human rights of innocent children, families, and vulnerable people are protected.

Addendum: IRAP unequivocally condemns the targeting of all civilians under any circumstances. We regret that our previous statement failed to specifically acknowledge and call out the attacks of Hamas on October 7, 2023, the killing of over 1,200 people and the taking of around 250 hostages. For this reason, we are amending our statement to state clearly: We mourn the loss of life of all civilians who died in the attacks and since – Israelis, Palestinians, and other nationalities – and call for the safe return of those who have been taken captive.

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) is a global legal aid and advocacy organization working to create a world where refugees and all people seeking safety are empowered to claim their right to freedom of movement and a path to lasting refuge. Everyone should have a safe place to live and a safe way to get there.