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IRAP Featured in The Public

The Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) was featured yesterday in The Public, in a piece that sketches the experience of thousands of Afghan interpreters through the story of “K2”, who interpreted for the US military in Afghanistan. Having successfully won a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) to come to the United States last May, K2 now lives in Buffalo, NY, where he works as a waiter.

The article traces the complete arc of K2’s story, from his experience living in Afghanistan and working with US forces, to his struggle with the SIV program, to his new life in New York.

K2’s experience is exemplary, and this piece makes an incredibly engaging read for anyone interested in the plight of America’s allies in Afghanistan. With commentary from IRAP’s National Policy Director, Katie Reisner, it illustrates how the SIV program has developed over time, and what challenges remain for applicants today. Read the full article here.