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IRAP featured on Fox News

At the age of 23, Farah Al-Khafaji defied custom to launch her own engineering company in Iraq, working with the U.S. military to provide support to American efforts on the ground. In retaliation for this work, her husband was shot in the head and killed, her body guard was killed, Farah herself was assaulted, and her father was repeatedly kidnapped.

Although Farah applied for an emergency Special Immigrant Visa, as an Iraqi ally of the U.S. military, to come to America in 2009, when her case was referred to IRAP in the spring of 2012, she was still waiting, still subject to numerous threats and kidnappings.

Thanks to IRAP’s intervention, Farah arrived safely in the United States with her two young sons this past Wednesday evening. CLICK HERE to watch Farah and former Captain Mike Breen, one of IRAP’s co-founders, a board member and the Vice President of the Truman National Security Project, discuss the importance of this effort.

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