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IRAP in Foreign Affairs: Sudanese Deported from Jordan Face Desperate Circumstances

Foreign Affairs yesterday published an article investigating Jordan’s deportation of several hundred Sudanese refugees. The article explores the reality faced by those who were sent back to Sudan, as well as those who remain in Jordan hoping to win resettlement.

IRAP’s staff on the ground in Amman has witnessed firsthand the trials faced by Sudanese refugees in Jordan. Many refugees who were deported, imprisoned in Sudan, and subsequently released are now fleeing once again – this time into Chad or Egypt. Betsy Fisher, IRAP’s Interim Policy Director, explained how the situation simply pushes these individuals to become refugees a second time. “Like the refugees still in Jordan, they are again living in desperate circumstances and in urgent need of monetary assistance as well as opportunities to be resettled,” Fisher told Foreign Affairs. “They need the international community to take action.”

You can read the full Foreign Affairs article online here.