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IRAP in POLITICO: House Anti-Refugee Bill Could Halt Visas for Iraqi Interpreters

Today, POLITICO published an extremely important article highlighting the impact of proposed anti-refugee legislation, which would restrict refugee resettlement in the United States, on Iraqi interpreters who worked alongside U.S. forces.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, the United States has experienced an extreme backlash against refugees and refugee resettlement, particularly targeted at those fleeing persecution in Syria and Iraq. This week, the House passed a bill that would significantly hamstring the refugee resettlement program and America’s ability to offer a safe haven to those fleeing violence in the Middle East.

Critics of the current refugee resettlement program have voiced concerns that it is at risk of letting terrorists onto U.S. soil. In fact, refugees are the most vetted group of foreigners to enter the country. Furthermore, the proposed legislation would block from resettlement 58,000 U.S.-affiliated Iraqis who are at risk today because of the loyalty they demonstrated to the U.S. mission in Iraq.

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