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IRAP in The Nation: Governors’ Xenophobia Has Real Consequences

Yesterday, IRAP’s Deputy Policy Director, Betsy Fisher, was quoted in an article in The Nation. The article appeared in the midst of intense backlash to refugees in the wake of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris. “We must not allow these horrific attacks to prevent civilian Syrian refugees from reaching safety,” Fisher told The Nation. “Many of these refugees are fleeing from a brutal regime and have themselves suffered horrific attacks by ISIS.”

The Nation article discusses the refugee resettlement program within the context of increased hate crimes against Muslims in America in the days since the Paris attacks. At last count, 29 Governors were calling for an end to Syrian refugee resettlement in their states. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that refugee advocates raise their voices in support of protecting those who have rejected extremism by departing their home countries.

You can read the full Nation article here. To learn how you can help support advocacy efforts at this critical time, please see this guide.