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IRAP in The Nation: US Continues to Lag on Refugee Admissions

Today, The Nation published an article discussing the United States’ failure to make progress on its promise to admit more Syrian refugees. Despite President Obama’s stated commitment to bring 10,000 Syrians to safety in America, the country is far from meeting that goal.

The Nation spoke with IRAP’s Policy Director, Betsy Fisher, about the security checks that contribute to delays in the resettlement process. “There are many agencies that all have to concur on an individual’s clearance for travel [to this country], and those different security checks have different validity periods,” said Fisher. “So what we’ll see is a vicious cycle where to get everyone on the same file with all of their clearances lined up can take a long time.”

If you’re interested in better understanding why the trickle of Syrian refugees to America is so slow, check out the full article here.