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IRAP in the Philadelphia Inquirer: Support Our Iraqi Allies

In a July 24th piece, Trudy Rubin, Worldview columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote that since her article on the U.S. obligation to admit more SIV cases ran last week, she has received emails from Iraqis in peril.

An Iraqi interpreter told Rubin over the phone, “In 2010 my car windows were broken in front of my house and a red X was taped on my driver’s side window.”

The interpreter also said a disdain for Iraqis who helped the U.S. government pervades the country.

“In Iraqi culture, if you worked for the Americans you are a ‘spy’ and a ‘bad guy,’ ” he said.

IRAP Director, Becca Heller, shared another story with Rubin. An IRAP client who worked as an interpreter for the U.S. Marines was shot while his SIV application was pending and was still rejected on the basis of “derogatory information,” a reason on which the U.S. government refused to elaborate.

In addition to emails from Iraqis in danger, Rubin also received requests from readers for ways they can help. She suggested calling your senator or representative and donating to organizations such as IRAP.