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Stanford Social Innovation Review: IRAP on 21st-Century Refugee Protection

Today, IRAP published a blog piece for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, making a case for a new approach to refugee protection for the 21st Century.

We argue that the status quo does not comprehensively address the needs of refugees: “Despite the new engines of population displacement—climate change, regime change, the Islamic State, the Syrian civil war—the international community continues to address the new refugee population with old strategies, providing basic humanitarian aid in the nations to which refugees flee. This food-water-shelter approach addresses many immediate needs, but fails to respond to the long-term crisis we face: Tens of millions of people can never safely return home. Where will they go? These men, women, and children—and more than half are children—deserve more than a Band-Aid solution.”

IRAP’s work attempts to address this issue by underscoring the importance of legal representation in addressing today’s refugee crisis. IRAP’s core principle is simple: “Ensuring that refugees have the tools to navigate resettlement processes is the foundation of a democratic and functional resettlement regime.”

Check out the article here to learn about our innovative approach to refugee assistance, and don’t forget to share with your networks!