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IRAP in Washington Post: US Abandoning Those Who Helped in Iraq

Earlier today, IRAP’s director Becca Heller had an opinion piece she wrote published in the Washington Post. The article, which details the flaws in the Special Immigrant Visa and refugee status application programs, calls on the American government to fulfill the promises we made to the thousands of Iraqis who helped us during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The article also tells the story of one IRAP client, who was denied a visa to the United States on the grounds that she was a criminal. Her crime: running away from the man who kidnapped, drugged, beat, and mercilessly raped her. She was sued for alimony and found guilty, though the conviction was soon vacated. Yet the Department of Homeland Security needs not reconsider its decision, and as of right now has not changed its mind. This case is a perfect example of what is wrong with the current refugee acceptance system, which desperately needs fixing. Let’s hope Becca’s article helps spur more change to the broken system.

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