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IRAP Obtains USCIS Guidance on Humanitarian Parole Applications through FOIA Litigation

IRAP obtained USCIS’ guidance on humanitarian parole and significant public benefit parole through a Freedom of Information Act request. The 2017 USCIS International Operations Officers’ Training Course provides guidance to USCIS adjudicators on:

  • Eligibility criteria for parole requests;
  • The applicable burden, standard of proof, and relevant forms of evidence in parole applications;
  • The analytical framework for adjudicating parole requests: first, determining whether there are urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit, and second, analyzing the exercise of discretion on a case-by-case basis; and
  • Different bases for parole applications and specific factors and evidence that adjudicators will consider for each kind of application.

As with other Refugee, Asylum, and International Operations training courses, this document provides immigration attorneys with invaluable insight into USCIS adjudications. In particular, the Training Course outlines in depth the kinds of evidence that adjudicators can consider for applications based on medical, family, and humanitarian needs. This discussion will assist practitioners in assembling compelling applications. 

The Training Course addresses both humanitarian parole and significant public benefit parole, but it does not address adjudications for country-specific parole programs. It was released without any substantive redactions and is available here