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IRAP Offers Insight on Iraqi Crisis at Exclusive Screening of “Amira & Sam“

On Saturday, the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) teamed up with Sean Mullin, Writer and Director of the new feature film Amira & Sam, to help spread awareness about the plight of vulnerable and displaced Iraqis. Taking place during opening weekend of Amira & Sam, the event included a screening of the film, followed by a panel featuring IRAP National Policy Director, Katie Reisner, along with Mullin and Amira & Sam cast members.

Amira & Sam is a cross-cultural love story about a U.S. army veteran and his unlikely romance with an Iraqi immigrant. The film poignantly highlights a number of issues that IRAP staffers encounter every day in their work with clients. During the panel discussion, Reisner noted how accurately the male protagonist’s close relationship with his Iraqi interpreter reflected the experience of the veterans and interpreters in IRAP’s network. Mullin is himself an army veteran, and much of the material for Amira & Sam grew from his own personal experience.

We were thrilled to be joined by our supporters on Saturday, and to have the opportunity to speak to the audience about the issues currently affecting Iraqi refugees. If you haven’t yet checked out Amira & Sam, be sure to look for tickets at a theater near you!