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IRAP on CNBC: Calls for Ceasing Syrian Resettlement Betray American Values

In the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the United States has seen a surge of backlash against refugees and the refugee resettlement program. News outlets are turning to IRAP for expert insight into the nature of the security screening process for Syrians seeking protection in America.

Today, IRAP’s Deputy Policy Director, Betsy Fisher, was featured in a CNBC piece covering how security vetting works for Syrian refugees. “Refugees, including and especially those from Syria and the Middle East, are subject to the most intensive security screenings of anyone entering our country,” Fisher told CNBC. “And because there are all of those security screenings, we think that calls for ceasing Syrian resettlement fundamentally betray a crucial American value.”

IRAP, alongside our partner organizations from Refugee Council USA, is advocating hard for the continued resettlement of the most persecuted individuals in the Middle East. We need you to make your voice heard as well. Details on who to call and what to say are available here.