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IRAP on the BBC: Iraqi Refugees Afraid to Go Back to Iraq

A BBC article describing the dangers faced by Iraqis – given the ongoing conflict caused by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – was published late last night, featuring commentary from IRAP. The article, which discusses the U.S. visa application process and the rapidly increasing number of Iraqis who can no longer apply for such programs on their own as well, came out late last night along with a related video.

The BBC piece also discusses Iraqis who left their country and are now afraid to go back, because of the sectarian violence taking place. Some people, like Tariq’s parents in this story, are not citizens and want to return, but fear that they will be killed if they do.

Conversely, because the State Department recently halted the application process from Iraq, thousands of people who worked with the United States during its invasion are now stranded at home. Their only hope for safety and a fresh start is resettlement to America, which is not possible without receiving a visa. IRAP is currently looking for other ways to help our Iraqi allies, and hopes to see visa application processing reopen soon.

Click here to read the article and watch the short video