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IRAP Partners with All Out to Raise Over $20k for LGBTI Refugees

IRAP is thrilled to announce that, thanks to a recent partnership with LGBTI advocacy organization All Out, we will be able to provide immediate assistance for several of our most vulnerable LGBTI clients in Lebanon and Jordan. The campaign, unveiled in May, raised over $20,000 for IRAP in only a few days, thanks to the commitment of All Out’s extensive network of supporters.

Many of our LGBTI clients have escaped to Lebanon and Jordan after fleeing persecution from the Islamic State (ISIS), and face an extremely limited social network upon arrival. Unable to afford housing costs and without trusted contacts to rely upon, these individuals often end up living on the street, and consequently face an even higher risk of abuse, harassment, and sexual assault.

One client, Samir*, fled Syria for Lebanon after ISIS targeted and murdered his gay best friend. Samir’s family cut their ties with him after discovering his sexual orientation, and in Lebanon he found no shelters willing or able to protect gay refugees. As a result, Samir was forced to place himself at great risk of attack by sleeping on the streets.

With the money raised from last month’s All Out campaign, IRAP is now able to cover the cost of housing for Samir and several other LGBTI clients, ensuring their immediate protection while we continue to advocate on their behalf for a long-term solution in the form of resettlement.

IRAP is extremely grateful to All Out for facilitating this hugely successful campaign. Thank you to all who contributed!

*We’ve used a pseudonym here to protect our client’s identity.