Side-by-side logos for Rosetta Stone and IRAP. Rosetta Stone's logo is a yellow rectangle with a rounded lower left corner with the black text Rosetta Stone and an illustration of a blue stone. IRAP's logo is a bright purple rectangle with the text IRAP in bold and underneath it International Refugee Assistance Project.
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IRAP Partners with Rosetta Stone

As one of the world’s leading companies in language learning, Rosetta Stone is a natural partner for IRAP’s global work on behalf of refugees. By making Rosetta Stone’s software available to IRAP’s staff, the partnership allows us to improve our direct communications with clients from all over the world in their native tongues and support our expansion to new regions.

Hassan Shiban, Intake & Legal Information Manager in Lebanon, and Alaa Majeed, Case Worker in Germany, have been using Rosetta Stone to learn Farsi and German for over 4 months.

On his choice of learning Farsi, Hassan said:

“I’ve wanted to learn Farsi for a long time, and I was going to start lessons on my own before we had the opportunity to begin using Rosetta Stone. Farsi would particularly benefit me as IRAP’s Intake & Legal Information Manager because I communicate via email with Afghans every day. Many of them speak English, but for those who don’t, getting the correspondence translated adds an extra step to our conversation and ultimately delays our assistance.”

Hassan is starting to see the benefits of learning Farsi, he said:

“I’m not sending complete emails in Farsi yet, but I’ve already been able to understand simple information in Farsi and even write things like, “We speak Farsi” and “Are there any updates?” As I improve, I think that being able to communicate with Farsi speakers in Farsi will improve the efficacy and expeditiousness of IRAP’s legal services.”

Alaa, who now lives in Germany, on how learning German is allowing her to bring IRAP’s work to a new country:

“Using Rosetta Stone to learn German has been a phenomenal and fun experience. I am gratefully able to have conversations with the neighbors, talk to a doctor’s office to make an appointment, explain it when I have an issue at a bank and shop. I am working on strengthening my German in preparation for any future expansion of IRAP’s work in Germany.”

IRAP thanks Rosetta Stone for this opportunity that is vital to the development of our work on behalf of refugees and other displaced people.