A screenshot from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. IRAP Executive Director Becca Heller sits at a table with comedian Trevor Noah; both are smiling and laughing.
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IRAP’s Becca Heller on The Daily Show!

In anticipation of World Refugee Day, IRAP’s Director and Co-Founder, Becca Heller, was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Tuesday, June 19! During their interview, Heller discussed the urgency of protecting and advocating for refugee and immigrant rights, IRAP’s continued efforts fighting the Muslim ban, and common misconceptions of refugees.

“If we’re a country that wants entrepreneurs and patriots, there’s nothing more entrepreneurial than escaping from ISIS- occupied Mosul, getting across the border, going through the whole refugee process … getting your family to America, and starting your life over … a lot of the most patriotic people I know are refugees,” Heller noted.

Given the ongoing attacks we’ve seen recently against refugees and asylum seekers seeking safety, we were thrilled to widely broadcast the work we do – and the need for continued zealous advocacy on behalf of all displaced people.

Watch her full interview here.