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New UN Report Describes Ongoing Human Rights Abuses in Iraq

In a report on human rights in Iraq during 2010, the UNAMI Human Rights Office and UNHCR list violations committed against these rights, including “silent” abuses such as “widespread poverty, economic stagnation [and] lack of opportunities.”

The report states that pervasive armed violence and civilian casualties endanger the rights of Iraq’s weakest populations, including women, children and minorities. Specifically 194 children were killed and 232 injured in conflict in 2010.

According to the report, inconclusive election results and questionable law enforcement limit government response to human rights abuses and contribute to them, as well. The government excessively arrests and detains individuals and is too quick to dole out the death penalty.

Freedom of expression is also stifled, and journalists have become heavily targeted.

UNAMI and UNHCR recommend, among other things, that Iraq accede to the UN Convention on Refugees, declare a moratorium on the death penalty, and better assist internally displaced persons.