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Resettled: Abdullah’s Story

In honor of World Refugee Day, we celebrate the resilience of our clients in their courageous journeys to seek safety and begin anew. The challenges refugees face are numerous and tiresome – and the process of resettlement is no easy feat. That’s why their stories are so important to share: to show that refugees are survivors.

Like Abdullah, who served as an interpreter for the U.S. Military in Iraq and was targeted by extremists for his service. “The risk of staying in Iraq is like a death sentence, waiting for execution…,” Abdullah wrote to IRAP, after years of living in fear for his family’s safety. Through IRAP and his legal team, Abdullah and his family were finally able to safely resettle to the U.S.

The short documentary Resettled, produced by Dropbox, highlights Abdullah’s story and how IRAP was able to help him:

Abdullah and his family have begun to start their new lives, but they are many more families still in limbo all over the world. By taking advantage of Dropbox’s services, IRAP is able to assist refugees, no matter where they are located.

“We’re able to take on 500 cases instead of the 50 we started out with,” said IRAP’s Director, Becca Heller. “We would be a fundamentally different organization without Dropbox.”

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