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Resources on How to Help Afghan Partners

Thank you for your interest in helping ensure that Afghan allies and refugees have a pathway to safety in the United States! 

To stay up to date on IRAP’s latest advocacy campaigns, sign up for IRAP Action Alerts here. We are currently asking our friends and supporters to take the following actions on behalf of at-risk Afghans:

  • Write to the President and Congress. Click here to contact respective offices and express your support for bringing vulnerable Afghans to safety.
  • Share on social media. Click here to access a digital toolkit to call for your friends and family to join the cause.
  • Sign our petition. Click here to join thousands of others who are urging Congress to protect our Afghan allies.  
  • Watch and share our videos: Click here to learn about the service that Afghan interpreters have provided and the threats that they face, and help amplify their stories.

You may be interested in joining one of our partner organizations, Vets for American Ideals (VFAI). VFAI is a coalition of veterans and allies that uphold, defend, and advocate for human rights at home and abroad, and is one of the strongest voices advocating on behalf of Afghan SIV applicants. For more information on how to get involved with VFAI, please email

  • To learn more about why VFAI is calling on President Biden to evacuate Afghan allies, check out their microsite here.
  • As more news outlets begin to cover the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, your local paper may want to hear about your military service and why you believe we must help those who served alongside U.S. troops. For advice on pitching op-eds and letters to the editor, check out this resource.

When Afghan refugees and SIVs arrive in the United States, refugee resettlement offices may recruit volunteers to assist those Afghans adjust to life in the United States. These volunteers may help refugees and SIVs, along with their families, find housing, secure employment, and other necessities. Enter your zip code on this page, and find volunteer opportunities near you.

  • Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) recently launched an open advocacy campaign calling upon the Biden administration to evacuate American-affiliated Afghans and their families. To join this campaign and urge President Biden to act immediately, click here.
  • The Association of Wartime Allies (AWA) brings together individuals who provided support to the US military/government during armed conflicts in their home countries, as wella s veterans, civilians, and like-minded organizations. Click here to learn more about AWA and join their campaign to urge the Administration to evacuate Afghan SIVs and expedite their cases.