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TELL YOUR SENATOR AND WHITE HOUSE LEADERS: The Lives of Asylum Seekers Are Not Bargaining Chips

The right to seek asylum is once again being attacked. 

Right now, the White House and a minority of legislators with an anti-immigrant agenda are attempting to permanently gut key asylum access rights in exchange for passing short term budget priorities

Anti-asylum proposals on the table include severely restricting who is eligible for asylum, imposing caps on asylum, escalating fast-track deportations without due process nationwide, and more. These are cruel, xenophobic Trump policies that a president who vowed to protect immigrants should not agree to under any circumstances.

Policies like these don’t stop people from journeying to the U.S. border because the dangers they’re fleeing are too great. This political attack on asylum would only serve to put already vulnerable people seeking safety at risk of serious harm, including death.

These negotiations could permanently destroy asylum protections for the people who need it most. Tell your Senators and White House leadership that people seeking safety aren’t bargaining chips.


Your voice has an impact, and we encourage you to use it today. Thank you for standing with asylum seekers.