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UNHCR releases 2010 numbers of registered Iraqi refugees

UNHCR has released the new estimates of the number of Iraqi refugees registered with UNHCR in the Middle East for the calendar year 2010.

The main takeaway is that Iraqis continue to flee in steady numbers, and resettlement is not keeping up with demand.

A few highlights:

Syria remains the country with the highest number of Iraqi refugees (excluding Internally Displaced Persons), with a total of 139,586 Iraqis registered with UNHCR (the total number is much higher).

Of these, 18,719 fled within the past 11 months, and 5,703 were resettled during that same time period.

Jordan has the second highest number of Iraqi refugees, with a total of 30,630 registrants.

Of these, 6,229 registered within the past 11 months, and 3,162 were resettled during the same time period.