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United States Announces $290 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Syrian Crisis

Earlier today, Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the United States would provide nearly $300 million in additional humanitarian aid for victims of the violence in Syria. Including this package, the United States has provided more than $2 billion in humanitarian assistance to displaced persons, host communities in neighboring countries, and other groups negatively affected since the beginning of the conflict. There are currently over 4.7 Syrians still inside the embattled nation and 2.8 million Syrian refugees in the region who have benefitted from American aid.

Upon receiving the generous package, the many United Nations organizations working in and around Syria will divide the money into two separate groups. The larger portion of the aid, over $169 million, will be used to feed, house, and provide medical attention to victims of the crisis within Syria. Another $121 million will  “help ease the impact of the massive refugee influx on Syria’s neighbors,” according to a State Department release. Though the people of Syria will continue to suffer until the conflict has ceased, this assistance is certain to be helpful to supportive neighboring countries and people who no longer have reliable sources of the many items and supplies that are necessary for survival.

Click here to view the full State Department release and breakdown of the funds