A Syrian mother embraces her son in an airport terminal. The mother has blonde hair and has tears in her eyes. The son nuzzles his face into her shoulder.

Everyone should have a safe place to live and a safe way to get there


Our Audacious Project

Visit these links to learn about IRAP’s Audacious idea to scale our legal assistance to help 2.5 million displaced people worldwide access pathways to safe resettlement.

Our Legal Services

IRAP has an innovative model of mobilizing legal resources to provide direct client services and advocate for refugees and displaced persons. We assure safe passage to destination countries and shape thought and practice in the United States and around the globe to ensure fair and humane treatment of these vulnerable individuals.

An IRAP attorney sits on a cushion on the ground with her laptop while meeting with a woman and two children, also seated on cushions. The children wear long sleeve t-shirts, the woman wears all black including her headcovering, the IRAP staff member has shoulder length, straight black hair and wears a blazer with jeans. The carpet and cushions have a brown floral pattern.

39,976 displaced people provided with legal aid

Our Systemic Advocacy

Utilizing the lessons learned in individual casework, IRAP advocates for systemic changes that benefit broader refugee populations. In the face of increasing partisanship and nationalism around forced migration issues, our team finds creative ways to partner with broad coalitions to push for global refugee protections.

Three young people pose in front of the U.S. Capitol - two women, one man. The man, in the center, wears a suit and tie with a peacoat, scarf, and glasses. The woman on the left has long blonde hair and black-rimmed glasses. The woman on the right has shoulder length, wavy dark brown hair.

182,500 U.S.-affiliated Afghans benefited from systemic SIV advocacy

Our Litigation

IRAP’s litigation department brings systemic litigation to help refugees, asylum-seekers and others in need of a safe home. Our litigation team has won numerous court victories that opened and expedited pathways to safety in the U.S.

An IRAP attorney reads from a piece of paper while being interviewed by a journalist with an NBC Bay Area microphone. The attorney has curly red hair and wears a black blazer. A man in a suit stands to her right.

493,283 individuals stand to benefit from our court victories

Our Clients & Network

As a virtual public interest law firm with offices and pro bono partners around the globe, IRAP transcends borders to deliver free, high-quality legal services to displaced people, no matter where they live.