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Texas v. Biden: Defending the Central American Minors program against states’ legal attack

Our clients are intervening in this case brought by Texas and other states so that they can defend the Central American Minors (CAM) program, which allows parents and guardians lawfully present in the United States to apply for refugee resettlement or humanitarian parole for their children and certain other family members who face danger in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Our clients in the case: Our clients are two Central American parents in the United States hoping to reunite with their children through the CAM program. Haynes & Boone, LLP is our local counsel.

Why our clients are intervening in the case: Our clients are intervening in this case to make sure that the CAM program will continue to exist so that they and other families like them can reunite safely in the United States. Being intervenors means that our clients are allowed to make arguments and present evidence in defense of the CAM Program, just as the federal government defendants are allowed to do.

The potential impact of this case: If our clients succeed in defending the CAM program against the states’ challenge, the program will remain open to allow family reunification for children and their caretakers in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Case status: The parties are exchanging information ahead of briefing on motions to dismiss the case.

Case history highlights: 

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